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summer training report on telecommunication

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n as a tape player to one manager, a CD player to another manager, and both to yet another manager. This way the agent can interact with a wider range of managers. There does not have to be a separate attribute or instance for each manager, which saves bandwidth.
The application must support single mode fibers (SMFs). SMFs are functions that provide more complex behavior than the normal manager-to-agent commands like GET, SET, etc. Behavior may include event forwarding and attribute modeling. In other words, the agent can perform operations without being told by the manager. For example, th..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

RE Route Stability in MANETs under the Random Direction Mobility Model

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Created at: Monday 07th of June 2010 07:08:56 AM
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Telecommunication Seminar Topics

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g and Artificial Intelligence Technologies in the Classification of Power Quality Events
- Design of cryptographic protocols
- Video Image Compression Techniques
- Wireless Video Service in CDMA Systems
- Soliton pulses in long distance communications
- Emerging Communications Technologies and their impact on Military Communication Systems
- Radio Frequency Identification: Evolution of Transponder Circuit Design
- Image Compression System for Mobile Communication : Advancement in the Recent Years
- Performance Evaluation Of Hybrid OFDM/CDMA/SFH Approach For Wireless
- Radio Frequency ..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Telecommunication Engineering Project Ideas

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Created at: Sunday 30th of August 2009 02:36:47 PM
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stic wave resonator
- Rate/Margin Maximization Algorithm for Adaptive Resource Allocation in Multiuser OFDM System
- Control Channel Structure for Hybrid Distributed and Localized Allocation of Downlink OFDMA Systems
- Joint Time-Frequency Analysis Using Wavelet Transform
- QoS Analysis in WiMAX
- Implementing Data Logging with Wireless Sensor Networks
- Security Analysis in Wireless Networks
- Solar Panel battery charger
- Analysis of MEMS switches
- Design of Free Space Optical Communication Link
- Single Photon Detection for Quantum Key Distribution
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industrial Visit INDIAN RAILWAYS

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Created at: Saturday 07th of February 2009 12:01:51 PM
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The British rule in India was governed by three principal considerations to expand the IR system. These were the commercial advantages, the political aspect and even more importantly, the inexorable imperial defense of India against the possible military attacks from certain powerful countries showing signs of extending their orbit of influence into Central Asia.
Now, to further improve upon its services, the Indian Railways have embarked upon various schemes, which are immensely ambitious. The railway has changed from meter gauge to broad gauge and the ..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

industrial Visit Reliance communications

Posted by: computer science crazy
Created at: Saturday 07th of February 2009 11:58:08 AM
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operating system UNIX. They have chosen the UNIX environment as on UNIX multithreading is possible. Multithreading is process in which multiple system can work at a time.
What do we mean with a thread?
Technically, a thread is defined as an independent stream of instructions that can be scheduled to run as such by the operating system. But what does this mean?
In the UNIX environment a thread:
? Exists within a process and uses the process resources
? Has its own independent flow of control as long as its parent process exists and the OS supports it
? May share the..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

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