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loses some information. Therefore, this information has to be re-estimated for the morphed sound. This process obtains an acoustic waveform, which can then be stored or listened to.

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echnologies. It needs the best out of every media technology. The requirements are given below.

3D environment scanning:

For a better exploring of the environment a stereoscopic view is required. For this, a mechanism for 3D environment scanning method is to be used. It is by using multiple cameras for producing two separate images for each of eyes. By using polarized glasses we can separate each of the views and get a 3D view.

The key is that in tele-immersion, each participant must have a personal view point of remote scenes-in fact, two of them, because each eye must see from its..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

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shared access to screen, keyboards, phones and bitmaps; audio recording and play back, and image related to functionality (support for all common audio and image format)
¢ Communication protocol “ wide area networking stacks including TCP, IP version 4 , IP version 6 and personal area networking stacks including Blue tooth , and USB.
¢ Software development “ 3 main programming and content development options: C++, Java, WAP.
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nce few cars are running on it.

In telecommunications, the optical fiber network (expressway) is relatively much cheaper than the wireless spectrum (little paths), while the capability of the former is much greater than that of the later. As shown in Fig. b, besides the backbone expressway, there are some dedicated subexpressways used to provide direct entrance for distributed subscribers.The above example implies that the high-capacity wired network, being so cheap, can help us solve the problem of wireless access(too many users crowded in a very narrow bandwidth). The key issue is to pr..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Free Space Laser Communications

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Features Of Laser Communications System
A block diagram of typical terminal is illustrated in Fig 1. Information, typically in the form of digital data, is input to data electronics that modulates the transmitting laser source. Direct or indirect modulation techniques may be employed depending on the type of laser employed. The source output passes through an optical system into the channel. The optical system typically includes transfer, beam shaping, and telescope optics. The receiver beam comes in through the optical system and is passed along to detectors and signal processing electron..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Smart Quill

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ne else picks your SmartQuill and tries to write with it- it won't. Because user can train the pen to recognize a particular handwriting. Hence SmartQuill recognizes only the owner's handwriting. SmartQuill is a computer housed within a pen which allows you to do what a normal personal organizer does .It's really mobile because of it's smaller size and one handed use. People could use the pen in the office to replace a keyboard, but the main attraction will be for users who usually take notes by hand on the road and type them up when returning to the office. SmartQuill will let them skip the s..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Cellular through remote control switch

Posted by: computer science crazy
Created at: Sunday 21st of September 2008 01:11:41 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Monday 22nd of July 2013 01:40:28 AM
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lowing features

1. It can control multiple load (on/off/status each load)
2. It provides you feedback when the circuit is in energized state and also sends an acknowledgement indicating action with respect to the switching on of each load and switching off of all loads (together).

It can selectively switch on any one or more loads one after the other and switch off all loads simultaneously


1. Dial the Phone Number - a OK tone produced
2. Password - 4321
3. Load number - 1, 2, 3, 4
4. Control number - 9/on, O/off, # / status

When the phone number is dialed the ring..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

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