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hdfc bank los login

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hdfc bank los login

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Created at: Friday 24th of May 2013 12:56:16 PM
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I need to know basic details of HDFC bank LOS

pls provid..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Summer Training in HDFC - project report

Posted by: seminar surveyer
Created at: Monday 17th of January 2011 03:21:03 AM
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rtain number of years if the insured person is then alive. Death and life neither of them can be compensated. Life insurance aims to compensate the ‘Income Earning Capacity’ of the person.

Events covered in Life Insurance:
 In Life Insurance, income –earning capacity of the person is covered. The loss of the income earning capacity can be on the happening of the following events when the life is assured.
1. Death.
2. Sickness (critical illness).
3. Accident (Death or permanent disability due to accident).
4. Retirement.

Objectives and advantages of life insurance:
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Posted by: seminar surveyer
Created at: Thursday 30th of December 2010 05:37:43 AM
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profit planning, profit palningand control , profit planning and control, hdfc bank revenue budget , profit planning and control reporting, cost budgeting and profit planning ,
or=#C71585] PRESENTS BY:

The HDFC (housing development finance corporation limited) bank was incorporated in august 1994.
The authorized capital of HDFC bank is 5.5 billion.
HDFC bank headquartered is in Mumbai.
HDFC bank has an present 1229 branches in 444 cities

To study the brand image of the bank.
To find the different way of convincing customers.
To ensure planning for future by setting up various budgets. The requireme..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

mba project topics

Posted by: project topics
Created at: Wednesday 21st of April 2010 11:44:21 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Saturday 13th of October 2012 01:27:06 PM
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sis, at Balaji enterprises
85. A Study on Geojit Financial Services Ltd
86. A study on changing business profile of Karnataka state financial corporation
87. A study on credit management of state bank of Travancore
88. Financial statement analysis for effective financial control a project study conducted at Mysore Sales International Limited at hire-purchase division (MSIL)
89. Mergers and acquisition of banking industry with specific reference to Bank of Madura Ltd
90. Performance of mutual funds under the global environment A case study conducted in HDFC
91. Financial performance of S..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Design of HDLC High Level Data Link Controller

Posted by: pradeepa arumugam
Created at: Wednesday 03rd of March 2010 09:23:03 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Wednesday 20th of October 2010 02:36:09 AM
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need abstract and more information about this project Design of HDLC (High Level Data Link Controller) c..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Web based Reward Points Management System

Posted by: computer science crazy
Created at: Thursday 03rd of September 2009 06:23:30 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 28th of April 2011 07:52:36 AM
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Company ABC has an internet based product called Infobar, which allows users to view useful links from different sites on topics of his/her interest To encourage the usage of the Infobar, the company has a reward point scheme. 10 points are rewarded on usage of Inforbar for 1 hr. When a user accumulates over 100 points, he can redeem them for a gift of his choice. This project aims at building a Reward Points Management System for the customer support team of the company. Objectives are to build.[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Expectations and Perceptions of Service Quality in Old and New Generation Banks

Posted by: super
Created at: Saturday 13th of June 2009 10:56:20 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Saturday 13th of June 2009 10:56:20 PM
Banks , Generation, Quality , Service, Perceptions , Expectations, expectation and perception of service quality , services quality questionnaire in retailing, the discrepancy between customer expectations and employees perceptions , questionnaire on consumer perception and expectation of icici bank, measuring quality services as per gap between management perception consumer expectation ppt , service quality gaps in hdfc bank, service expectations and service delivery gap analysis , difference between new generation and old generation banks, best old gen private bank in india , difference between foreign banks and nationalized banks ppt presentation, service qulity of icici pdf , service expectations from bank ppt,
as, Donald. J. Shemwell & Zeynep Bilgin -Service Quality in the banking sector in an emerging economy: a
consumer survey International Journal of Bank Marketing, June 97, pp 217-223
2. Walfried M. Lassar, Chris Monalis and Robert D. Winsor -Service Quality Perspectives and Satisfaction in Private
Banking Journal of Services Marketing, March 2000
3. Quality in Retail Banking by R.F. Blanchard & R.L. Galloway. Source: International Journal of Service Industry
Management, 1994
4. Christopher Jones -Quality and productivity in Arab banking, Management Services, Enfield, Jan 2003, Vol 4..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: Computer Science Clay
Created at: Saturday 28th of February 2009 11:24:12 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Saturday 28th of February 2009 11:24:12 PM
INDIA, IMPLICATION , CRISIS, SUBPRIME , ppt on subprime crisis s impact on india, impact of subprime crisis on india ppt , project report on subprime crisis, india after subprime crisis 2012 , effect of subprime crisis on india ppt, impact of credit crunch on hdfc bank , a study on subprime crisis and its effects on india mba project, the impact of global economic crisis on the budget of low economic countries report , project on sub prime crisis, project on subprime crisis and its effect in india , sbi sub prime crisis, sub prime crisis effects on developing countries ppt , ppt of implication for india,
ary measures to support Indian Economy.

The Indian Banking Industry is not well known in the foreign market specially & there are no big players of India among the top world banks where as other developing countries like China has few banks among the top World Bank list. This gives a green signal to Indian banks like ICICI & SBI which are not much affected to the subprime crisis & thus can readily expand their services in the international markets. ICICI bank has faced a net loss of Rs 375 cr. in the current banking crisis.

Learning from Sub Prime Crisis for India are:-

1. Sound banki..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

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